Renovated Bungalow in East London


405 Springbank Drive

 Be sure to check out this charmer! 3 Bedrooms and 1.5 baths. An attached garage too.

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You Need an Advisor – not a Salesperson


ost Real Estate Agents do business as though they will never hear from their clients again. Because they have this mindset, customer service often falls by the wayside.  Their primary focus is on “getting the deal done” and moving on to the next one, regardless of the consequences.  They will never build trust with their client and it’s easy to see whose best interest they have in mind – their own.  This is a typical “salesman” mentality. 


This mode of business requires a lot of prospecting and advertising to attain “new” business on a regular basis since there is a very low retention rate of past clients.  How can you recognize a salesman?  They will drop everything to show you a house without first having a consultation to determine your needs.  They are hoping to dazzle you with some short term charm and gain your loyalty. 


My approach is radically different.  I've  developed a successful Real Estate business one relationship at a time and the foundation of that success is approaching our relationship as a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson. 


Your present and future success is what fuels my drive to help you succeed.  My goal is to see your real estate portfolio grow and thrive for many years to come.  The process I use is very intentional and each step is designed to ensure your success…we will begin looking at homes once we have had the opportunity to discuss your objectives and ambitions and verify that we have all of the necessary pieces in place.  In this way, we are able to seize opportunity immediately in the marketplace. 


I  also operate “by referral only”, rather than spend a great deal of effort ‘hunting’ for new business; I dedicate 100% of my time, energy and resources serving my existing clients, building solid relationships with ancillary service providers and maintaining advanced industry training.  This ensures that my clients have access to an entire “team” of experts during the transaction and beyond. 


For this approach to be successful, I rely on satisfied clients to refer my services to others. The best way you can thank me, is to refer me to those you know and care about.  Your friends and family deserve the best services available in the marketplace; I aspire to be the Realtor you recommend to others.


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